During the initial phase of the Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program (Supervised Visitation Program), audio trainings were held once a month for grantees. This section includes some of those audio trainings with topics ranging from safety and security to confidentiality and information sharing to assessing risks to victims, children, and staff.

  • Crafting Visitation Center Policies Part 1: Successful Policy Development
  • Crafting Visitation Center Policies Part 2: The Architecture of a Good Policy
  • Crafting Visitation Center Policies Part 3: Fatal Flaws and Remedies in Writing Policies
  • Documentation Dilemmas
  • Documentation, Record Keeping and Confidentiality
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Assault Part 1: Addressing the Needs of Victims

These audio trainings have been modified from their original version. They have been edited for content.